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Lake Vermilion Walleye Fishing

Lake Vermilion Walleye

  Walleye season opens May 13, 2017

Each year, walleye fry are stocked in Lake Vermilion by the Minnesota DNR, through the hatchery operated on the Pike River. In 2016, over 7.5 million walleye fry were stocked.

Following the example of walleye management on other lakes, 2006 was the first year of a 17-26" protected slot on Lake Vermilion. The limit was also placed at 4 fish in possession - 3 under 17 and 1 over 26 are allowed.

**Please note, the slot for walleye changed to 20-26" as of May, 2017.  The limit remains the same at 4 fish in possession - 3 under 20" and 1 over 26" are allowed.

The largest walleye caught by one of our guests in 2013 was 32.5", by Eric Thompson during the opening week of walleye fishing in May.

For a full report, click here: Summary of the Fish Population For Lake Vermilion

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