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Fishing Report

The 2017 Fishing Season is Here!!!

Don't forget - fishing licenses need to be renewed on March 1 this year



Summer is holding on with every last bit it has; it looks as though its grip will be released for good early next week with projected lows in the mid 30s. I expect this along with the precipitation and low pressure to really fire fish up.

Walleye - For the most part, we have been experiencing a strong bite all over. Where I see most guys struggle at this time of year is graphing skills. Fish are hungry once you, with confide...nce, find the walleyes. Don’t spend much time on top of fish if your aren’t getting bit; Vermilion is certainly a multi-species fishery and deeper windblown breaks and flats will be holding perch and whitefish near bottom as well. (Aqua-Vu’s aren’t just for the hardwater!) If your boat is struggling don’t throw the towel in! I am a firm believer that there are ALWAYS fish biting somewhere. We have been consistently catching fish in as shallow as 9ft and as deep as 35ft on the same outing. Typically, your larger fish will be shallower at this time of year. Most of my fish have been coming on sand/marl bottom. If they are glued to the bottom, running live bait rigs through them with large chubs has been a mainstay. When fish are roaming along sand/rock breaks tossing shiver minnows and jig/minnow combos have been producing as well. Being vague was not the objective of this walleye update, the fish really are on the move and can be found in a number of different areas.

Smallmouth - Not much has changed in this department. Quite a few footballs have been landed in the last week! Finding large boulders isolated off any other structure has been key. I absolutely love my Side-Imaging for this. The 12-18ft range has been the most productive for me, however there will be fish shallower as well. As far as artificial's go, creature and crayfish type plastics on a jig or 3.5” tubes are mainstays. Rigging suckers or larger minnows will catch fish as well.

Pike - On the western basins of the lake pike fishing has been good. Finding deeper cabbage edges with your side imaging and working those areas well with swim baits or chartreuse spinners is a good choice.










Lake Vermilion Big Fish Report

All fish were released unless designated by an asterisk (*).

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