Lake of the Sunset Glow

Summer is here to stay!!!!

Summer is here to stay and things are changing rapidly on Vermilion. Many species are in transition from early summer to more traditional areas as the surface water temperature begins to boil. Add in a large hex hatch, flat calm days, and fishing can be tough for many.

Walleye – On any given day a specific basin can have a spectacular bite with fish concentrated and feeding heavily, while the next day and be a complete 180 degree swing. It is just the nature of the game at this time of year due to very large mayfly hatches, water temperatures rising and fish transitioning. One day one will find active fish on deeper sand of 18-28ft with slow lindy rigging crawlers and leeches being the most productive method of take. All while the next morning those same fish can be found on shallow secondary mid-lake rock piles of 8-20ft. The best pieces of advice I can give to walleye anglers is to keep moving, have confidence in your graphing skills and that there are eyes, and simplify your presentations as much as possible.

Musky – Open water basins with larger influxes of ciscoes and whitefish using the upper ranges of water column are holding hungry pelagic muskies. Casting jerk baits, swim baits, and trolling have all been successful for anglers. As surface water temperatures really begin to boil on many days, timely CPR (catch-photo-release) is the number one thing to keep in mind on this recycled fishery!

Bass – Larger smallmouth can be tricky to pin down in this transitional period between post spawn and deeper summer areas. Fish are transitioning between shallow spawning areas to the nearest structure, larger boulders, along the next breakline. Locating this structure and casting deeper water adjacent to spawning areas is one’s best bet. Plastics, deep diving crank baits and leeches will all catch fish.

Jarek – Rodsbent Guide Service

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