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Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

Origin of the Mail Boat

In case you don’t already know – Lake Vermilion has a mail boat which runs all summer delivering mail to over 100 residents with water-access properties.  And you can ride along!  You can find more information and a link on our “List of Attactions” page under “Things to See & Do”. A little interesting history – the following is… Read more »

Another wildlife encounter

Once again on the drive to the Resort Association office along County Road 115, I was priviledged to see some wildlife up close.  Not one, but 2 bald eagles were feeding on something  just off the shoulder of the road.  As my car approached, they took flight – a spectacular sight from my vantage point… Read more »

A shared encounter

On the drive between Tower and Cook  this morning on County Road 115, which runs along the south shore of Lake Vermilion, I was stopped by a timber wolf crossing the road.  I was thinking about work and not paying much attention to my surroundings when the truck about a quarter mile in front of me… Read more »

Help protect Lake Vermilion from Invasive Species

The recent news about finding the spiny waterflea in Lake Mille Lacs reminds us how vulnerable our waterways are to the threat of invasive species. Here are links to several resources: News release on spiny waterfleas in Mille Lac Sportsmen’s Club of Lake Vermilion on preventing introduction of invasive species Protect Your Waters website In May… Read more »

Lake Vermilion Loon Count

Each year the Sportsmen’s Club of Lake Vermilion (SCLV) sponsors a loon count on the lake.  This year’s counting is set for Monday, July 15.  The following is an excerpt from the SCLV’s website: Lake Vermilion has always been known for its large population of loons. To lake residents and frequent visitors, the loon has been… Read more »

Does outdoor recreation have a future?

June 6 and 7 was “Take-a-kid fishing” weekend in Minnesota. There is also a “Take-a-kid ice fishing weekend” in February. These are just two of the programs the Minnesota DNR is sponsoring to try to help reverse one of several disturbing trends in outdoor recreation (fishing, hunting, recreational boating, wildlife viewing, etc.). Here are the figures… Read more »

Soudan Underground Mine

Soudan Mine Headframe The Soudan Underground Mine State Park is one of many unique and fascinating attractions you will find in the Lake Vermilion area. You can tour 2 sites underground here, as well as above ground exhibits. And as a bonus…you don’t even need a Minnesota State Park sticker to get in! The first underground… Read more »

Lake Vermilion resort dog thrives despite hearing loss

This story comes to us courtesy of Ed Tausk of Vermilion Dam Lodge: Bella, Ed’s 3 year old yellow Labrador Retriever, has had a difficult and amazing life. As a pup, Bella was a favorite of the guests and staff. She picked up commands quickly and was using her natural talent as a retriever for grouse and… Read more »

Ice Out!

As the days get steadily warmer and the snow dwindles, thoughts turn to “soft” water activities like fishing and boating.  In the meantime, however, we need to get through this period of the year where the ice is melting.  There are many factors that contribute to the rate of melting, but I will not get… Read more »

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