Lake of the Sunset Glow

Origin of the Mail Boat

In case you don’t already know – Lake Vermilion has a mail boat which runs all summer delivering mail to over 100 residents with water-access properties.  And you can ride along!  You can find more information and a link on our “List of Attactions” page under “Things to See & Do”.

A little interesting history – the following is a copy of an article titled “Mail Service for Tourists” from the Tower Weekly News, dated July 16, 1920:

“Movement Started to Establish Mail Route on Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion is coming to a mail service in the near future.  This idea of a tri-weekly mail service would have been smiled at.  Today it is being demanded.  Get out your scratch book and take down the names of the people living on shoreline and islands from Tower to Isaac Goodwill pleasure resort.  Think of the hundreds of tourists coming for a week or a month who want their mail and newspaper and work from the outside world.  The mail route is coming.  It will be water route rural mail.  It must be covered by boat.  Mail today is being carried free of charge by the boatmen.  But the mail question is the least of their troubles.  They pass by many on their way who have mail and must go after it where the boatmen have left it.  This means a lot of trouble to him, the tourist, and he asks why can’t we have mail at our cabin?

A petition will be circulated erelong among these people of Lake Vermilion and forwarded to Washington looking towards the securing of a mail service.  Vermilion Dam guests have their mail brought to them by carrier.  But the cottager takes his paddle or his outboard motor and goes miles mayhap for his.  This mail service would cover about three months of the year and close with the closing of Lake Vermilion.  Postmaster Helm is interesting himself on behalf of it.  Every Tower citizen should help him in every way they can, as it would add to the usefulness of Tower’s office, and Lake Vermilion as well.  We then would be on the map a little larger than before.  The project is feasible and we should see it to its fulfillment.”

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