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New Aquatic Invasive Species Rules Decal Required on Watercraft

IMPORTANT UPDATE – On May 8, the Minnesota legislature REPEALED this requirement. The stickers are still available, and they contain valuable information about the laws in Minnesota regarding invasive species if you would like to get one. THE LAW REGARDING INVASIVES DID NOT CHANGE – only the sticker requirement was repealed.

A new law passed in 2011 requires a watercraft owner or operator to obtain and attach an aquatic invasive species rules decal to all types of watercraft prior to launching on, entering into, or operating on any waters of the state. The decals are available at DNR offices, Deputy Registrar offices where licenses are sold, and large sport shops, as well from DNR watercraft inspectors and conservation officers. They will be included in the envelopes of new and renewal watercraft licenses mailed from DNR. They are free. For more information visit:

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