Lake of the Sunset Glow


As author/editor of this blog, I would like to start by sharing a little about my first experiences with Lake Vermilion.  I came to the Lake as the result of a devastating event (for a 16 year old).  Near the end of my 10th grade year, the parents of my best friend announced that they had purchased a resort in Minnesota and the family was immediately moving from their Ohio home.  Our 12 year long friendship was suddenly going to be separated by 900 miles!  Her parents, I think in part to help keep my friend from declaring all out war on the family, invited me to visit.

That summer I spent about 3 weeks at the (long-gone) Isle of Pines Resort.  The following year I stayed for the whole summer to work at both the resort and at their second business in Tower that had been purchased during the winter.  I greatly enjoyed my visit that first year, but it was during the second summer I fell in love –  in love with Lake Vermilion, with Tower, and with my now-husband of 35 years  -pretty much in that order J.

I can still vividly recall snapshots in my mind of that summer – Big Bay completely awash  in moonlight; trolling around the island dragging a Lazy Ike on warm sunny afternoons to catch a few walleye for the Friday night resort fish fry; trips to Tower by boat; camping in the woods behind the resort;  stopping on the way home from work to get a 5 cent “baby root beer” at the drive-in (because we each only had 5 cents!); catching a rock bass off the dock and immediately fileting and frying it for a fish sandwich for lunch; spending evenings in the lodge listening to the adults having a sing-along around the piano while us teens played ping-pong, cards or shuffle board and got to know the week’s resort guests better; picking blueberries for a super fresh pie…so many great memories.

The summer of 1972 found the song “Rocky Mountain High” at the top of the charts.  I related the sentiment of the song to my experience, and it wasn’t hard to change a few words around to make it my own.   Cue the music – “It’s the Minnesota, Lake Vermilion high…”.

I invite you to come and start your own love affair with Lake Vermilion.

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