Lake of the Sunset Glow

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We enjoyed reading this blog post from someone who appreciates Lake Vermilion as much as we do: Lake Vermilion Walks Thanks to Sarah Schoper for your writing and photos!

Musky fishing on Lake Vermilion

Here is a nice article written by Dale Bowman for the Chicago Sun- Times which helps capture the feel of fishing on Lake Vermilion: Lake Vermilion offers much more than your average fishing destination

Nice Fish!

Another great fish story for a family vacationing on Lake Vermilion: 38″ Northern caught by 10 year old

Cormorant control on Lake Vermilion

The issue of the booming population of cormorants on Lake Vermilion has been a hot topic for a few years. About a decade ago, a similar phenomenon took place on Leech Lake, which ended up devastating the fishery there for several years before it began to recover. Using the lessons learned on Leech Lake, the… Read more »

An Early Start at the Pike River Hatchery

DNR officials got an early start on the walleye egg gathering operation on Pike River on the Tower end of Lake Vermilion Monday, March 26, 2012. This might be the earliest the procedure has ever been started. Each year the DNR harvests eggs from the walleye there for use in Vermilion and other lakes in… Read more »

Vermilion Loons Migration Tracking

This link will take you to the page where you can follow the migration of several loons from Lake Vermilion.  The ones labeled with a V are the Vermilion loons. Click on the loon, then on “play animation” to follow their path from their summer to winter homes. Migration Tracking Visit again in the spring… Read more »

Loon seeks help and thanks fishermen who saved it

The following is a reprint of an article published in The Timberjay newspaper June 3: Fishermen say loon sought help, offered thanks, by Marshall Helmberger A Lake Vermilion loon that faced a grim death from starvation is now on the mend thanks to the actions of two local fishermen. Jim Anderson and Bruce Erickson had been… Read more »

Follow up – where is Harley the eagle now?

This story was recently published in the Duluth News Tribune, written by John Myers: Harley the eagle first made news by getting a ride on the back of a motorcycle, but raptor experts now say he’s making news under his own wing power. The male bald eagle left his summer home on western Lake Vermilion… Read more »

Harley the motorcycle riding bald eagle spends part of his summers on Lake Vermilion

Courtesy Duluth News Tribune, Author John Myers Harley the motorcycle-riding bald eagle has flown north to the western bays of Lake Vermilion after spending part of his summer along the St. Louis River and in the Sax-Zim bog area. Harley — sans motorcycle — had spent much of the spring along the South Fork of… Read more »

New for 2010 – Programs at Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 25 miles north from Cook.  It is operated by the American Bear Association and has been described as the best place to see wild black bears in their natural habitat. From their expanded viewing deck visitors can learn about black bears by observing their natural behavior. This year the VSWS has added… Read more »

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