Lake of the Sunset Glow

Prairie Home Companion features Lake Vermilion cabin story

In case you missed it, last weekend’s Prairie Home Companion radio show hosted by Garrison Keillor featured a segment on the classic Minnesota “up north” cabin experience which just happened to be about a cabin on Lake Vermilion. Watch and listen here: Lake Vermilion cabin on Prairie Home Companion

Don’t just take our word for it…

We enjoyed reading this blog post from someone who appreciates Lake Vermilion as much as we do: Lake Vermilion Walks Thanks to Sarah Schoper for your writing and photos!

ATV trail planned

Great news for ATV riders – a group has formed to develop an ATV loop trail which would connect the east end of Lake Vermilion to the communities of Ely, Babbitt and Embarrass.  The proposed trail would also connect to both the Lake Vermilion and Bear Head State Parks. You can read about the details… Read more »

Musky fishing on Lake Vermilion

Here is a nice article written by Dale Bowman for the Chicago Sun- Times which helps capture the feel of fishing on Lake Vermilion: Lake Vermilion offers much more than your average fishing destination

Ancient Water found in the Soudan Underground Mine

Click here for an Article and video on finding the water in the Soudan Mine and what it might mean

Lake Vermilion State Park Snapshot Tour

Some of the most frequent questions we have been getting lately are about the Lake Vermilion State Park. Here is a great “Snapshot Tour” of the new park put together by the Minnesota DNR which will give you a taste of the terrain, geology and lake shore encompassed in the park’s boundaries. Lake Vermilion State… Read more »

Cormorant control on Lake Vermilion

The issue of the booming population of cormorants on Lake Vermilion has been a hot topic for a few years. About a decade ago, a similar phenomenon took place on Leech Lake, which ended up devastating the fishery there for several years before it began to recover. Using the lessons learned on Leech Lake, the… Read more »

New Aquatic Invasive Species Rules Decal Required on Watercraft

IMPORTANT UPDATE – On May 8, the Minnesota legislature REPEALED this requirement. The stickers are still available, and they contain valuable information about the laws in Minnesota regarding invasive species if you would like to get one. THE LAW REGARDING INVASIVES DID NOT CHANGE – only the sticker requirement was repealed. A new law passed… Read more »

An Early Start at the Pike River Hatchery

DNR officials got an early start on the walleye egg gathering operation on Pike River on the Tower end of Lake Vermilion Monday, March 26, 2012. This might be the earliest the procedure has ever been started. Each year the DNR harvests eggs from the walleye there for use in Vermilion and other lakes in… Read more »

Vermilion Loons Migration Tracking

This link will take you to the page where you can follow the migration of several loons from Lake Vermilion.  The ones labeled with a V are the Vermilion loons. Click on the loon, then on “play animation” to follow their path from their summer to winter homes. Migration Tracking Visit again in the spring… Read more »

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