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  • I caught this hawg in Daisy Bay just out from the VC! I had just eaten a wonderful Bamboozler Pizza with some friends and then Bang! I've got a Northern!  -Vootig Bootig
  • Hi. I'm Mel and this photo is very emotional for me. It is my first Northern Pike and I have been fishing for 50 years.
  • I caught these nice Walleyes on a red Mr. Twister!

  • 55.5 inches long and 24 inch girth caught 8-1-09 in Niles Bay. Courtesy of Timmy Peterzen.
  • I fought this big 22 lb. Northern off Moccasin Point. My name is Mark and I'm very proud of this catch!
  • 25'' caught fall 2007 near an island
  • Nothin like bobber fishin right off the dock. From our cabin on Pine Island. Always C.P.R Jeremy & Leah
  • Released this huge smallie. Brittany's first time at Vermilion with Jeremy & Leah from Pine Island.
  • My name is Michael Bear and I caught these nice smallies in Fraser Bay!
  • I caught and released this 54'' muskie on Vermilion 11/5/07 that had a 27'' girth and weighed a little over 49 lbs. (according to the standard release formula: length x girth x girth divide 800). Mark Jacobson
  • My name is Greeds. My buddy Myrin put me on top of this bad boy neat the casino.
  • Hello I'm Bobby Wadd & I caught this beautiful walleye in June, 2007 in Fraser Bay with a bobber & a jumbo leach from my buddy in Cook, MN. I am one of the original Vermilionaires. My good friends Mike, Tim, Renee & Mark are the other members. We have been coming up to fish this wonderful fishery since 1994 when we took out one of the Vermilion Houseboats from Chuck Bystrom out of Pike Bay. What a wonderful ride it has been & it continues in 2008 when we invade the West end of the lake & hang out in Blacks Bay. -Bobby Wadd
  • wakemup smallmouth at dusk
  • 38
  • Hi, My name is Renee and I caught this beautiful and tasty Smallie in Daisy Bay!
  • Jake says, Now that's a day you dream about...
  • Bruce Black Arowhead chapter of muskie inc. member with a beautiful 50+ inch muskie.
  • Jeremy Yarrington, trout lake portage waterfall, smallmouth
  • Everyone evjoys Lake Vermilion! Musky Tom Weher with his Mallard Island Marauders, Bailey, Homer J. & Barney!
  • Tommy says ''Let'em go, so they can GROW!''
  • Bonnie with a nice sping Pike.
  • Barney, Musky Tom & LUNCH!
  • Jim Roerig released this nice 24 inch walleye in 2004.
  • DNR Fish Hatchery

Displaying 1 - 27 of 27

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